About Us

UNDISCOVERED is positioning globally as an aspirational brand focused on communicating an ideal – the belief that beauty has “no size, no race, no color” and that fashion design is meant to compliment and enhance that beauty. The brand is made up of several components: an online contest and networking platform, a magazine online and in print, a streaming channel and an upcoming fashion competition TV series for both aspiring models and fashion designers.

The docu-series aims to empower and positively revolutionize the fashion industry, while creatively seeking to change the definition of beauty as expressed and falsely portrayed by the media. It is our belief that all of us were created naturally beautiful. Popular media has managed to create a false image of what beauty is supposed to be, and has brainwashed our youth in trying to emulate that image, creating eating disorders, body image issues, issues with racial identity, and more.

Our intent is to correct that twisted distortion of reality, and make a bold statement with hopes to change how society understands beauty. Beauty consists of many elements, not just the physical, but also beauty from within: confidence, personality, intelligence, talent, and poise. Culture, ethnicity and diversity of our models and fashion designers all add to the flavor of the melting pot that is our audience.