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Growing up in Los Angeles in a world of make-believe having been born to hippie parents raised me on the Beatles Bob Dylan Joni Mitchell. I was always attracted to color art and fashion. I remember the first time I saw David Bowie perform I was in awe of that magical creature was and how he looked so damn original. Having never fully fit in With the “in crowd” I quickly developed a desire to be different and two be original. This began with modifying clothes I would buy research I would do with the skate park in venice looking at all the young skaters and train helping kids with their patches and punk looking clothes. I was attracted to all that handcrafted work that went into making the individuals. I took it upon myself To get a needle and some floss start screen printing my own patches and adding them onto my old black ripped jeans. I often got recognition for my style which to me was just trying to be me. I love the fact that You don’t necessarily have to make some thing Brand New you can use with already there and turn it into something better. Something more original something with a story and some thing that won’t add to the problems of the earth. Why would anyone want what others have? Hence The brand that developed called Junk Blessing

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