Our Mission

To change the perception of beauty to both the industry and the viewing audience, that beauty has no size, no race, no color. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Popular media has managed to create a false image of what beauty is supposed to be, and has brainwashed our youth in trying to emulate that image, creating eating disorders, body image issues, racial denial. Our intent is to correct that twisted distortion of reality, and make a bold statement with hopes to change how society understands beauty. Beauty is comprised of many elements, not just the physical, but also beauty from within: confidence, personality, intelligence, talent, and poise. Culture, ethnicity and diversity of our models and fashion designers all add to the flavor of the melting pot that is our audience.

Our Goal

To develop and build self-esteem and positive body image by instilling confidence in our young and aspiring generations of new talent, empowering women to embrace their real beauty and be comfortable within themselves. To inspire and provide positive reinforcement through mentorship and training, and to nurture and guide our talents providing inspiration for success. To provide opportunity to those talents that don’t have the means or connections to follow their dreams.