TV Series

Riwayat Films, LLC- U.S.A. is pleased to present UNDISCOVERED, the search for the next fashion icons. It is a 21-episode TV series which aims to inspire women to be confident within themselves, and embrace their natural beauty; and aspiring fashion designers to create in a way that presents their models beautifully in their original designs. We intend to empower mainstream television audiences by promoting a new definition of beauty: that it has no color, no size, no race; and to combat bullying and low self-esteem by bringing these issues to light in a supportive and positive message.

We can then broaden the audience’s perspective and bring about a greater impact that may change how society understands beauty. The TV series will showcase various multi-cultural lifestyles from 14 plus countries around the globe, advocating diversity in the international high fashion scene; incorporating a competition of models of different ethnicity, and the new breed of fashion designers, and to portray to the audience the way fashion is perceived in different cultures and use of different textiles.

The audience is provided with the culture and flavor of each of the countries and their tourist destinations as it pertains to the fashion industry. The pilot season will initially be distributed on a U.S. based international channel, with a target to live stream the UNDISCOVERED Season Finale and presentation of winners during February of 2022, at New York Fashion Week. Network TV distribution starting October of 2021.